Confidentiality and Reputation

Except as required by Law, an employee may not disclose the names, addresses, phone numbers or any personal information about the officers or directors of T4HIM.

T4HIM employees may not make any statement or take any action that would publicly discredit T4HIM’s integrity or position of public trust. They may not disclose to any non-T4HIM person any material information relating to T4HIM that has not been disclosed to the general public. Such information must be kept in strict confidence and should be discussed only with persons who have a need-to-know basis for the information, for a legitimate business purpose. T4HIMs confidential information, including information that is proprietary to it and its business may not be disclosed to any non-T4HIM person.

Employees may not disclose to any non-T4HIM person any information about a resident unless it is in compliance with T4HIM policy and procedure, or required by law.