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About T4HIM Multi-Family Property Management

T4HIM’s success in multi-family property and asset management can be attributed to many years of experience in the various facets of investment real estate as well as hands-on experience. Through these years of experience we have developed a management philosophy that allows us to be flexible to the needs of our residents, employees, and clients. This philosophy is one that continually monitors, updates, and embraces goals and objectives to:

  1. Surpass the expectations of our residents by providing them with a comfortable, relaxed home that is serviced by a well-trained staff
  2. Surpass the expectations of our team members by providing a challenging and rewarding work environment, and
  3. Surpass the expectations of our clients by increasing the value of their assets through professional management.

Jerry Turner

Jerry Turner (CAM, CAPS), is responsible for acquisitions, renovation and customer relations. READ MORE ABOUT HIM

Sharon Turner

Sharon Turner (CAM, CAPS), is responsible for operations management, accounting and process improvement. READ MORE ABOUT HER